uspc annual conference

Are you an expert, a practicing chemist or a student (Certifiate, Diploma, Undergraduate or Graduate) in Chemistry or applied sciences with an innovative idea or research work that has the potential to transform the well being of human kind and contribute to the economic stability and growth of Uganda?

USPC in partnership with the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovations (MoSTI) are here to help you transform your innovative idea to a market ready product or to help your research grow and contribute to the growing science and technology world. The idea and research should be in technical Chemical Science like Organic, Analytical, Physical, Inorganic, Biochemistry and Polymer Chemistry or in applied Chemistry like Nanotechnology, Forensics (Crime Scene Investigations - CSI), Chemical Engineering, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Agriculture & Food, Personal Care, Biotechnology, Computational Chemistry or any other Applied areas.
To Submit your product idea or research work, a registration fee must be paid depending on the category desired.
Intellectual property will be handled by MoSTI

general category

This comprises of practicing chemists, students or those in the related science field who want their research work published in the USPC Annual bulletin. Under this category the research is not subjected to funding by USPC and its partners, and any completed or ongoing research findings are welcome. Registration fee is Shs 20,000/=

Eligibility: Open to Ugandans and the rest of the world


sme competition category

Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) category is for certificate , diploma, undergranduate, graduate students and those who finished school not more 5 years at the time of their application to this competition. This will be to show case your idea / project. The best ten projects will be selected to the next phase of interviews. Five of the ten projects will be selected for the final interviews. Finally two projects will be selected as the best. These two will funded and assisted through laboratory scale to pilot scale and finally SME scale capacity. Upon submission of the idea, they will be subjected to peer review and the selected participants will be notified by e-mail or telephone. Registration fee is Shs 50,000/=

Note: Research under this categoty must be product based.

Eligibility: Only Ugandans or foreign nationals with strong reasons to invest in Uganda are allowed to participate.

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